Support and Training

Fresh expressions of Church require us to re-imagine and re-think how we connect with our parish, our community and our neighbours. Most of us need help in doing this and this page is aimed at letting you know how we can help you with support and training.


We regularly put on training courses for fresh expressions of Church. Each year we put on a Mission Shaped Ministry Course that look at the general principles of fresh expressions of Church and helps churches think through how this could be applied in their context.

The next one will start in May 2019 in the Croydon Episcopal Area.

We put on other training to do with particular areas of fresh expressions. Keep an eye on the events page for upcoming details


Each couple of months we look to bring together all those doing Pioneering around the Diocese. This is a place to encourage and support one another, share what the stories and look to see what we can do together to have an impact on the life of the Church.


It may well be that you have a particular situation in your area or Church that you would like help or advice about. We would love to help in any way we can. This might be through a conversation; pointing you in the right direction; accompanying you on your journey etc.

Action Learning Groups

We are starting to develop Action Learning Groups in various areas to encourage new thinking and to try new things (TNT!). Made up of people who are practitioners and those who are prepared to try new things we hope that in time we will be able to share ideas and support around the Diocese.


Most of the specific events can be found on our events page.