There are a number of ways that we encourage and support Pioneering work and Fresh Expressions within Southwark.

One of the key ways is to hold regular Pioneer Gathering of leaders (lay and ordained) who are involved in fresh expressions. These provide opportunities to network, hear stories, learn from and support one another. Look at our events page for when the next Pioneer Gathering is.

In addition we are planning a number of Action Learning Groups which focus on particular areas such as urban estates, the arts etc. Those invited on them must be prepared to play their part and to Try New Things (TNT!) in their context. We are trying to help people think and act creatively and so there is a focus on action and reflection. We hope to have five of these groups set up by the end of 2018.

If you’re interested in connecting then please do contact Will Cookson, Dean of Fresh Expressions via the contact form in the sideboard