Blended 2018

Ely Diocese are holding this year’s national Fresh Expressions conference at Ely Cathedral on Saturday 3rd November.

Each year these events have become more adventurous and this year is no exception. Ely Diocese are aiming to have an immersive feel to the conference. The most exciting part looks to be the Side Stage sessions with Live experience sessions on New Monasticism, Forest Church, Campfire Communion, Sweaty Church where after experiencing what one would be like there will be opportunities for discussion. There is also a stream called Pioneer Labs helping people to identify what sort of pioneering that they may be called to (one of Blended, Pioneer, Discipleship & Evangelism). A third stream of “Campfire conversations” will allow people to hear and share stories around themes such as Wild baking and Storytelling, New Housing, Arts, Youth, Managing Risks and Failure, Accessibility.

Meanwhile on the Mainstage there will be multiple conversations using the six stages of the fresh expressions lifecycle to pick up key pioneer issues. These will include two Bishops Vlogs on Being Blended and Blended Beacons.

For full details hop over to Eventbrite and book your tickets for what looks like a brilliant day: Blended Festival

Published by

Will Cookson

Dean of Fresh Expressions in Diocese of Southwark. Interested in faith, culture, new ways of being church. Married to lovely Angie. 4 fab daughters.

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